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A-Z Guide To Wedding Traditions & Etiquette – Part 1

Welcome to the first part of our ‘A to Z’ blog guide to Wedding Traditions & Etiquette…

A‘ IS FOR… ARRIVAL – Traditionally the bride stands on the right of her father as she enters the wedding venue, followed by her bridesmaids and pageboys. However the new trend is for the bridesmaids to enter first to build excitement, allowing the bride to have a few moments alone with her father.

B‘ IS FOR… BRIDESMAIDS – In the past bridesmaids were dressed similarly to the bride as it was thought this would help ward off evil spirits. Today brides will tend to choose a dress and colour that flatters the bridesmaids’ figures or give the bridesmaids a say in what they wear, especially with more bridesmaids now paying for their own gowns.

C‘ IS FOR… CHILDREN – Many couples struggle with whether to allow children to their wedding, banning children is becoming more acceptable if it is a formal affair or an evening celebration. Incidentally, anyone aged 18 years or above who is still living at home should receive their own invitation.

D‘ IS FOR… DANCE – By tradition the bride and groom normally have the first dance, usually to a favourite song that holds a special meaning, but recently there has been a trend for couples to take dance lessons and even to perform a routine, surprising and entertaining their guests.

E‘ IS FOR… ENGAGEMENT – There are many ways to announce an engagement and share the good news. Traditionally the father of the bride would publish an engagement announcement in the newspaper but it is now far more common to announce an engagement by Social Media, perhaps with a related hashtag like #Engaged, #Engagement or #SaveTheDate.

F‘ IS FOR… FAVOUR – Traditionally the happy couple would give their guests wedding favours comprising a bag of five pretty sugared almonds representing fertility, longevity, wealth, health and happiness. The modern twist on this tradition is to give a chocolate or sweet wedding favour that fits with the couple’s wedding theme and is personalised as a momento of the day, with the wrapper printed with a photo or design, the names of the couple, the date and a message.

A great way to thank guests for their love and support, these personalised chocolate and sweet treats can be enjoyed with tea or coffee at the end of the meal or later during the dancing or on the way home… with the wrapper serving as a souvenir of the wonderful day.

Sweetie Graffiti specialises in providing high quality, inexpensive personalised and stock wedding and engagement favours. There are over 30+ wedding designs available online or you can upload a photograph or your own design to be printed on your wedding favour wrapper.

You can choose from a wide range of delicious chocolates and sweets including square Neapolitan chocolates, chocolate mini-bars, mints, fruit sweets, chewy fruits, chewy mints, humbugs, chocolate-covered salted caramel fudge and more! Alternatively go bespoke and make a special request!

Please click on the link to see the full Sweetie Graffiti range of wedding favours and ‘save the date’ engagement favours or give us a call to discuss your needs: 01932 320009.

Don’t miss part 2 of our blog guide on wedding traditions and etiquette coming soon!

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