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A-Z Guide To Wedding Traditions & Etiquette – Part 3

Welcome to the third part of our ‘A to Z’ blog guide to Wedding Traditions & Etiquette…

N‘ IS FOR… ‘NO SHOW’ – On the day of your wedding you might have one or two guests who do not turn up, this may be due to illness or personal circumstances. Hopefully they will give you some notice so it won’t be last minute, but either way it is good wedding etiquette to ask an usher or bridesmaid to inform the caterer and to alter the seating plan accordingly.

O‘ IS FOR… OLD, NEW, BORROWED AND BLUE – Wearing something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue is a wedding tradition that is fun and simple to follow… and it’s likely most brides will already have many new things, from their dress to their shoes, and an older item which could be a piece of family jewellery.

When it comes to something borrowed it might be easy to borrow a bracelet or hair accessory, and something blue could be as simple as a piece of blue ribbon sewn into the lining of the bride’s dress.

If offered a piece of jewellery to borrow from a family member which is not to taste it’s best to politely decline saying that unfortunately it doesn’t go with the dress or theme etc.

P‘ IS FOR… PLUS ONES – There are no strict rules for inviting ‘plus ones’ and much of the time it’s hard to make space on a guest list for all friends and family without inviting people who are not known to the bride and groom. If inviting a single guest who may not know many other people at the wedding it is considerate to give them the option to bring someone with them.

Q‘ IS FOR… QUESTIONS – Pre-empting guests’ queries is good etiquette and avoids awkward phone calls and anxiety during the hectic planning process. By giving as much information as possible to guests in advance unnecessary questions can be avoided, such as: Are children invited? Where can I park? What do the couple want as a gift? What accommodation is nearby?

Increasingly wedding organisers are using digital platforms and channels, such as a personal Facebook Group or a personal website to easily convey helpful information to guests ahead of schedule.

R‘ IS FOR… RECEIVING LINE – Having a ‘receiving line’ is traditional wedding etiquette, providing an opportunity for the hosts of the wedding and bridal party to greet all the guests as they walk into the reception space.

Some couples now choose to circulate around the tables instead of having a receiving line. This is less formal and may be more appropriate but does run the risk of guests missing the opportunity for a more personal chat and opportunity to express their congratulations and thanks to the couple, or for the couple to thank them for being there to share their special day, and there is a chance some guests may not speak to the bride and groom at all.

S‘ IS FOR… SPEECHES – Traditionally there are three wedding speeches – the father of the bride ends his speech with a toast to the bride and groom, followed by the groom who thanks the bride’s parents and the guests before making a toast to the bridesmaids and finally the best man gives the best man’s speech.

However many weddings now have speeches by others, such as the bride. It very much depends on the circumstances and personal preference.

Before the speeches begin the caterers should ensure all glasses are “charged” with a full glass of something fizzy for the toasts. Timing is key, speeches should not last longer than 45 minutes in total and having a microphone should mean all guests can hear clearly.

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