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A-Z Guide To Wedding Traditions & Etiquette – Part 4

Welcome to the fourth part of our ‘A to Z’ blog guide to Wedding Traditions & Etiquette…

T‘ IS FOR… TABLE PLANS – According to traditional wedding etiquette the top table seating plan should be (from left to right): Chief Bridesmaid, Groom’s Father, Bride’s Mother, Groom, Bride, Bride’s Father, Groom’s Mother and Best Man.

However this can be tricky and is not always practical especially if there are difficult family situations to manage. Sometimes it is best to try a non-traditional plan with two or three top tables with the bride and groom’s parents hosting their own tables, leaving the bride and groom to sit with their friends.

U‘ IS FOR… USHERS – Ushers play a vital role throughout the day. They should be the first to arrive, ready to distribute the order of service and the button holes. Ushers need to supervise parking and make sure that everyone is escorted to their seats. At the reception, they should help guests find their tables and support the best man throughout the day.

V‘ IS FOR… VEILS – Traditionally speaking, veils are inappropriate for second-time brides or pregnant brides. Having said that, these days it is more about what looks good rather than about any symbolism.

W‘ IS FOR… WEDDING CAKE – Traditionally, wedding cakes were tiered, white frosted fruit cakes but now couples choose a cake or equivalent to their liking, letting their personality shine through… often colourful, sometimes a mixture of different layers of cake (chocolate, sponge, fruit) or an alternative like cupcakes or even a ‘Cheese’ cake & pork pie!

X‘ IS FOR… FIRST KISS – Well yes, we have to mention the first kiss! When the happy couple have said their vows and are finally married they will share that special first moment… standing infront of all their guests! A delicate kiss is totally appropriate – a long lasting smooch probably isn’t!

Y‘ IS FOR… YOUNG GUESTS – Whether or not to invite children is entirely up to the bride and groom. Whatever the decision the bride and groom should make it clear and if children are invited their names should be included on the invitation. It is perfectly reasonable just to invite children who are family members or page boys and flower girls.

Z‘ IS FOR… ZERO STRESS – This is easier said than done – all involved in running the wedding should try to stay cool, calm and focused throughout the wedding planning. It helps to choose reputable, reliable and experienced suppliers who can help make the day as stress free as possible.

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