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The History of Wedding Favours

The tradition of giving Wedding Favours is steeped in ritual and history and has remained a great opportunity for the bride and groom to thank guests for centuries. By looking at the history of Wedding Favours you will be touched by their symbolism, a symbol of good luck.

The origin of distributing Wedding Favours is a very old one and dates back hundreds of years to around the 16th century, when the French aristocracy, at their lavish parties and weddings, would present guests with a ‘bonbonniere’, a small intricate trinket box encrusted with precious stones and metals.

Inside these decorative boxes were gifts of sugar cubes or delicate confectioneries, sugar at the time was only affordable by nobility and so symbolised wealth and royalty. But it was also believed that the sugar had health giving properties and the gift of a bonbonniere was a symbol of care extended to all guests.

The tradition of bestowing guests with a symbol of gratitude and care at important occasions was practiced in many countries around the globe for hundreds of years.

In Greece the ‘bom bom yara’ was a traditional gift of candied almonds and in the Middle East the bride gave five Jordan almonds (dragees containing a fresh almond sugar panned in various pastel colours), signifying five wishes for the bride and groom: fertility, longevity, wealth, health and happiness.

In Spain, as in France, the faith in the healing properties of sugar was given in the form of small chocolates symbolising fulfillment and happiness.

Giving a chocolate Wedding Favour have long been linked with the symbolism of the practice and tradition and provides the perfect opportunity to thank guests for their attendance, love and friendship.

Here at Sweetie Graffiti we have perfected the most delicious chocolate Wedding Favour…Chocolate Neapolitans, Petit Chocolates, Chocolate covered Salted Caramel Fudge and Coffee Beans and the best thing with all our chocolates is you can personalise the wrapper with you own personal message of thanks, love and friendship.

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